Try your best pancake breakfast ever

Many people claim breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You are warming up your inner motor and giving it plenty of fuel to run. If you agree with this, you may be looking for some variety in the daily starting meal. Why not come to PANCAKES Amsterdam, for the best breakfast ever?

At PANCAKES Amsterdam you can find several different kinds of breakfasts. Break away from the continental breakfast in your hotel and enjoy a real English, French or Dutch breakfast. Or… a pancake breakfast! Yes! How about that to start a day…?

Before we indulge in the pancakes, we give you just a short inventory of the different nationalities breakfast: a French breakfast consists of croissants (of course), the English variety has bacon and (scrambled) eggs, and the Dutch breakfast comes with ham and cheese for your bread.

Pancake breakfast: Dutch or American?
The pancake breakfast has two possibilities: the Dutch pancakes, for which we are so famous, or the good old American pancakes with a Dutch twist. After all, you don’t want to think you are back home when you are in Amsterdam, do you? A special pancake breakfast menu with orange juice and coffee or tea is served till 1.00 pm.

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American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, an orange juice and a delicous black coffee!

PANCAKES Amsterdam Try your best pancake breakfast ever

Start your day with a traditional Dutch pancake with ham and grated cheese. With a good cup of coffee and/or orange juice you can’t go wrong. We also serve the traditional bacon/cheese pancake, bacon/apple or apple/cheese pancakes. All are good options for a hearty breakfast. The lemon/sugar variety is for the sweet teeth amongst you. Just like the apple/almonds/calvados variety, the apple crumble pancake, the banana/chocolate/almond one and the strawberry/yogurt/ lemon honey pancake! Mouthwatering, all of them…

Don’t forget the “stroop”
Of course, all these pancakes are accompanied with “stroop”, a sweet, sticky variety of your maple syrup, just as good. And white, powdered sugar which gives your pancake a snowy air. Stroop and powdered sugar go very well together on your pancakes mentioned above, any Dutchman will assure you…

For the young visitors of Amsterdam, PANCAKES Amsterdam has a KIDS pancake: a traditional Dutch pancake with strawberry jam, raisin, chocolate sprinkles and fresh fruit. You possibly won’t get your kids out of the restaurant after that; they will love to stay for lunch!

Special Dutch varieties
The American pancakes are dressed with Dutch varieties you won’t find that often back in the States. That is just what we are after! PANCAKES Amsterdam is an Amsterdam experience, so no American varieties here… Just look at the menu on our website to see what we mean.

The list of savory pancakes is just too long to put in here… We suggest you browse our menu under Dutch pancakes to get yourself all indecisive – so much to choose from! And if you are going to PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarkt (one of the three locations where you can find us), you can even decide to go for those typically Dutch “poffertjes”, a kind of mini pancakes, steaming hot and finger licking good!

Pimp your pancake yourself!
As a specialty PANCAKES Amsterdam also features a Pancake of the Month, bringing savory tastes from all over the world to your pancake. For instance, recently we had Italy and Germany. And there is also the possibility to pimp your pancake yourself. Either you start from scratch and load some toppings on your pancake, or you take one of the menus and add one or more toppings.

Enjoying your breakfast at PANCAKES Amsterdam is a treat in itself. The Dutch don’t typically eat pancakes for breakfast, but that doesn’t mean you can’t, does it? Unless you want to do like the Dutch do while being in the Netherlands: then you treat yourself to a Dutch breakfast. And you save the pancakes for lunch or dinner; you will be so completely Dutch, then!

A pancake breakfast prepares your body
Pancake breakfasts may give you a whole new look on Amsterdam. With a well-filled tummy, your experiences are so much clearer, and your enthusiasm to undertake a walk through the heart of this beautiful city will rise immediately. After all, your body is well prepared for such an undertaking.

PANCAKES Amsterdam has 4 restaurants in Amsterdam, all near top sightseeing locations, so you can not miss them. There is the one PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarkt, Prinsengracht 277, we mentioned already, near the Westertoren and the Jordaan. Then we have PANCAKES Amsterdam Negen Straatjes, Berenstraat 38. And we have two locations near to Central Station. PANCAKES Amsterdam Centraal, Prins Hendrikkade 48, just across Central Station. And our location at the back of Central Station, next to the ferry to Amsterdam North with a beautiful view over ‘t IJ. This location is called, PANCAKES Amsterdam Aan ‘t IJ, Steiger 10. Our latest additions are PANCAKES Amsterdam Zuidas, near Station Amsterdam Zuid on Gustav Mahlerlaan 525 and PANCAKES Amsterdam Spui at the very centre of Amsterdam at Spui 8. Put one of the addresses in your Google maps, and you walk right to them! Be it for a pancake breakfast or for lunch or dinner, at PANCAKES Amsterdam you get a warm welcome, and you can be Dutch for a while…