Savoury Dutch pancakes

Go healthy, go savoury! ;)
At PANCAKES Amsterdam, there's almost too much to choose from. Traditional, sweet, savory, American pancakes or poffertjes, you name it! Many people think that pancakes should only be sweet, but have you ever tried a savoury pancake? For example, with cheese, bacon, some veggies or even something spicy? It's really interesting to see how many different pancakes we can create, time for you to try it out! What's your favorite?

bacon • banana • chili pepperpicture-menu-chili.png

goat cheese • spinach • garlic oil • pine nuts


camembert • chicory • ham • raspberry saucedutchpancake-camembert-ham.png

smoked chicken • zucchini • union • guacamole


bacon • mushroom • leek

veggie: zucchini • spinach • onion • paprika • pesto


smoked salmon • crème fraîche • lemon • chives


YUMMY! Would you like to try to make them at home too? We made a how-to-make PANCAKES Amsterdam food video's! Check them out at our website for all the tips and trics from our chefs! Did you know you could buy the PANCAKES Amsterdam flourmix too! We also sell our gluten free flour mix! Find our more here

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