American pancakes

American pancakes, who doesn't like them? However, the really good ones should be thick, fluffy and not too dry of crouse! And do not forget the toppings! Bacon, banana or strawberries. YUMMY! Just take a look at these delicious little pancakes below, but don't get fooled by their size! Speaking about 'breakfast for the champignons'...

american pancakes • blueberry sauce 


american pancakes • maple syrup


american pancakes • chocolate sauce


american pancakes • bacon  • maple syrupamericanpancake-bacon-syrup.png

american pancakes • bacon • banana  • maple syrup


american pancakes • banana • chocolate sauce • almonds


american pancakes • banana • blueberry sauce • ice creamamericanpancake-blueberry-icecream.png

american pancakes • bacon • fried egg • maple syrup


Would you like to have some Dutch pancakes? No problem just check our pancakes out!

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