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Pancakes Amsterdam

At PANCAKES Amsterdam we only serve the best and highest-quality products. We believe it’s important to keep the environment in mind, so we use seasonal products when possible and try to use only the best ingredients that are free of harmful additives and preservatives.  We use ‘free range’ and ‘fair trade’ ingredients as much as we can. We simply don’t want to settle for less!

Dutch Pancakes

Our Dutch pancakes are flat, thin, crèpe-like pancakes. The base should already be great by itself, but the toppings make the pancakes really tasty. Did you know most of our Dutch pancakes can be ordered gluten-free and lactose-free? We even have a small selection of vegan Dutch pancakes! 

Would you like to find out everything about our amazing Dutch pancake? Read it all in our blog. 


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1 • ham • cheese

For an authentic Dutch pancake experience, try the pancake with ham and grated Dutch cheese. Don’t forget about the ‘stroop’ for the finishing touch!

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2 • bacon • cheese

For the real savoury lovers, the traditional Dutch pancake with crispy bacon strips and Dutch grated cheese is a must-try! Hearty, savoury, simply delicious. 

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3 • bacon • apple

Would you like to freshen it up? The fresh taste of apple, in combination with the salty, crispy bacon is a true Dutch delicacy. Add a little ‘stroop’ to make it a little sweet.

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4 • cheese • apple

Try our traditional organic whole grain Dutch pancake with Dutch grated cheese and Jonagold apples. Melt away with this great combination of sweet and savoury.


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5 • lemon • sugar

This traditional pancake combines white sugar and fresh lemon as delicious toppings. One of the most simple, but most delicious combinations to enjoy on your pancake! 

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6 • apple • almonds • calvados • whipped cream

Apple, almonds, calvados (apple brandy) and cinnamon is like Christmas on a pancake. A true celebration, topped with some sweetened whipped cream!

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7 • apple • blueberry sauce • crème fraîche

This NEW pancake makes a debut this spring! the blueberry sauce makes it sweeter than sweet and the sour cream balances it perfectly out with a lot of FRESHNESS! Try it out.

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add Ben&Jerry!
8 • homemade apple crumble • raisins • cinnamon

Experience the mouthwatering combination of our homemade apple crumble on a plain Dutch pancake with a touch of cinnamon.

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9 • banana • blueberry sauce

WOOP WOOP delicious! sweet, sweet, and more sweetness. We are welcoming our winter with blueberry sauce. Our homemade blueberry sauce combined with banana inside the pancake. This pancake goes well with some extra crème fraîche. 

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10 • banana • almonds • chocolate sauce

A ripe banana, in combination with our famous Belgian chocolate sauce and some almonds for that extra crunch on a pancake. Served warm. Do we need to say more?

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11 •chocolate sauce • cookie crumble • Ben&Jerry’s

This is what you call the ultimate sweet heaven. A delicious combination for the people who like to go all in! 


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12 • bacon • leek • cheese

The salty bacon in combination with leek and cheese is a savoury winner for sure! it’s one for the big eaters! 

add bacon!
13 • goat cheese • spinach • garlic oil • seeds

A true favourite of many people… A pancake with goat cheese, spinach, pine nuts and a touch of garlic. If you’d like, we can always add bacon for that extra crisp!

14 • pulled chicken • onion • cheese • BBQ sauce

A cheese and onion Dutch pancake topped with pulled chicken and BBQ sauce. Completely out of our comfort zone, but DAMN delicious!

15 • pulled chicken • paprika • onion • Japanese mayo

Savoury with some extra spice! Our free-range pulled chicken is marinaded in a BBQ sauce which gives it a complete taste. This pancake is topped off with onion, paprika and Japanese mayo!

add bacon!
16 • spinach • cheese • fried egg

Something different but oh-so delicious. This is one of the most popular pancakes. 

add a fried egg
17 • bacon • spinach • pesto

Are you in for a savory bite? Bacon, spinach, and pesto. Finish it with a fried egg!

veggie pancakes
18 • VEGGIE: spinach • leek • paprika • pesto

This pancake will provide you with your daily dose of vegetables. This pancake is the best healthy bite! Tip add some cheese or bacon for an extra touch!

19 • bacon • banana • chili pepper

This pancake makes a brilliant brunch or excellent supper with slices of banana, crispy bacon and a finishing touch of chili pepper. It’s a crazy but delicious combination!

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add spinach!
20 • smoked salmon • crème fraîche • lemon

Such a great combination, fish on a pancake is not so crazy! If you want to make it more intersting it is very nice to add some spinach!

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21 • smoked salmon • leek • Japanese mayo

An elegant fusion of smoked salmon and leek, enhanced with a subtle twist of Japanese mayo for a unique flavor experience.

22 • pancake of the month!

check our specials or if you are in the restaurant, ask our staff or look around to find out our monthly special;)!

American Pancakes

Our American pancakes are tasty, thick and fluffy like the US classics, but of course with a Dutch touch. Whether they’re eaten plain or combined with bacon,maple syrup, fruit or anything else you can imagine, these American Pancakes are perfect for every moment of the day. Worked up an appetite yet?

Would you like to find out everything about our amazing American pancakes? Read it all in our blog. 


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add crème fraîche
25 • banana • 100% maple syrup

Get yourself a stack of American pancakes with banana inside served with a drizzle of 100% Canadian maple syrup. A real ‘Golden Oldy’ to start your day with.

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ADD Ben&Jerry’s!
26 • banana • chocolate sauce

Three American pancakes with banana inside drizzled with amazing premium Belgian chocolate sauce… This is not only our guests’ favorites but ours too!

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27 • blueberry sauce • crème fraîche

Welcoming these american pancakes to the PANCAKES family! sweeteness and a hit of freshness! sounds like the perfect combo.

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28 • chocolate sauce • cookie crumble • whipped cream

This is what you call the ultimate sweet heaven! A delicious combination for the people who like to go all in!

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TIP: add banana
29 • bacon • 100% maple syrup

These American pancakes are the quintessential American breakfast, served with strips of crispy bacon and a drizzle of 100% maple syrup.

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30 • bacon • 100% maple syrup • fried egg

THE perfect breakfast! A stack of American pancakes, salty crispy bacon, a fried egg, and some 100% maple syrup to top it of! AMEN!

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31 • pulled chicken • onion • cheese • BBQ sauce

Threat yourself with a delicious combo! The cheese and onion are inside the pancakes and we topped it off with pulled chicken and BBQ sauce! YUMMY!

smoked salmon • spinach • Japanese mayo
32 • smoked salmon • spinach • Japanese mayo

Savor the fusion of American pancakes, smoked salmon, spinach, and Japanese mayo, a harmonious blend of fluffy textures and rich umami flavors.


A real Dutch delicacy… Poffertjes are more like little baby pancakes.
You just have to try them, they’re truly delicious! This Dutch delicacy is typically served with just butter and powdered sugar,
but you can go crazy and add many other delicious toppings! Poffertjes are the perfect snack to share!

Would you like to know everything there is to know about poffertjes? Read our blog!

Our Poffertjes are only available at the following locations:
– PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarkt 
– PANCAKES Amsterdam Aan ‘t IJ.

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DUTCH: egg nog • chocolate sprinkles • whipped cream

The most festive pair of poffertjes complete DUTCH style! The perfect afternoon snack!

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blueberry sauce

Poffertjes served with homemade blueberry sauce. Add some ice cream to get the party started!

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add ben&jerry’s
chocolate sauce • cookie crumble

Pfoe! look at this combo, a combo you can’t say no too. Delicious chocolate sauce topped of with cookie crumbled on top of it!

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chocolate sauce

Little cushions of air, topped with Belgian chocolate sauce. YUMMY!

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powdered sugar • butter

The traditional way of eating poffertjes is with powdered sugar and a little butter. Simple, but so good! Eet smakelijk!


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Dutch pancake with egg salad and ham, garnished with parsley

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These delicious taco-shaped pancakes are only available at our PANCAKES Amsterdam Zuidas location!

DUTCHIE • Dutch pancake • homemade apple crumble • raisins • cinnamon
DUTCHIE • Dutch pancake • homemade apple crumble • raisins • cinnamon

This Dutchie deal includes a lemonade of your choice

BREAKIE • American pancakes • granola • yougurt • fruit
BREAKIE • American pancakes • granola • yougurt • fruit

This breakfast deal includes a coffee, cappuccino or tea