PANCAKES survival kit

Missed out in the grocery stores? Don’t worry, we have the special PANCAKES survival kit. Bake them conveniëntly at your own place in the upcoming weeks. And best of all, the kids can bake along.

Order your PANCAKES survival kit for €5 now and drop by to get yours now! Enjoy the deliciousness of PANCAKES Amsterdam at home. 

Pancakes Amsterdam is always there for a reliable and fast pancake solution. How? Easy does it:


Walk-in at one of our PANCAKES locations and ask for the survival kit, we will make sure it comes to you. No contact necessary. Hygiene measures have been taken in all our locations. By the way our stores are already Pin only, so contact-free paying is standard. Nice and easy! 


PANCAKES Amsterdam, always there for you!

And for those who have not been able to score enough toilet paper: free wetties ;)


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