Founders of PANCAKES Amsterdam

Let us introduce you to Ingrid (left) and Nicolette (right), two spirits and adventurous ladies with one mission:

“make pancakes available to everyone, all over the world”,

Why? Because everybody loves Pancakes and every country has there own variety of a Pancake.

Instead of following the old-fashioned ways of serving traditional pancakes, these women took a new and fresh approach and put our Dutch pancakes experience on a pedestal.

At PANCAKES Amsterdam, all Dutch pancakes are made with fair-trade PANCAKES mix flour, eggs, milk and our ‘secret ingredient’. Moreover, gluten-free Dutch pancakes, lactose-free Dutch pancakes are available at all our locations and we are very proud we managed to have VEGAN Dutch Pancakes as well now! Preparation may take a little longer, resulting in extra quality time spent with your friends and family.

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