PANCAKES Amsterdam flour mix GLUTENFREE

We did not forget our gluten-free guests, we do sell our gluten-free pancakes mix and also on this bag you will find a recipe for Dutch pancakes. Did you know that our gluten-free flour can be used to make a lactose-free pancake batter? Would you like to know more about our gluten-free and lactose-free pancakes, just read our blog about allergies. And if you just would like to have more information just about our gluten-free pancakes click here!


Unfortunately our gluten-free flour mix is only available in our stores.

PANCAKES Amsterdam Negen Straatjes
PANCAKES Amsterdam Centraal
PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarkt
PANCAKES Amsterdam Aan 't IJ
PANCAKES Amsterdam Zuidas
PANCAKES Amsterdam Spui

Did you know PANCAKES Amsterdam also posts tutorial videos on YouTube? It is our way to show our fans how to make PANCAKES Amsterdam pancakes at home. 
 Check it out!

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