PANCAKES Amsterdam is proud of her logo and brand name so we made a selection of merchandise!
Shirts long or short sleeves, sweaters and for the real pancake fans it is possible to buy our flourmix with recipe and make your Dutch pancakes at home. Nothing better than a Pancake Party with family and friends. Also our gluten-free flour mix is for sale. And if you are a little bit homesick, you can send  just a postcard to your family. 

Sorry guys for now only available in our stores.
PANCAKES Amsterdam Negen Straatjes
PANCAKES Amsterdam Centraal
PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarkt
PANCAKES Amsterdam Aan 't IJ


Did you know we have a PANCAKES Amsterdam YouTube channel? We especially made this food video's for the lovely pancake fans who can not wait any longer and just want to make their own PANCAKES Amsterdam pancakes at home. Check our YoutTube channel for all the how-to-make Dutch pancakes at home. Or check our Facebook or Instagram on Saturday's! :) 

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