We're so happy we get to see all you pancake lovers in our restaurants again starting June 1st! Of course, there are some guidelines we have to follow, which we'll explain here. 



Starting June 1st, reservations are required to eat inside our restaurants. If you want to eat on one of our terraces, you don't need a reservation. 

 Here's how you can make a reservation: 

  • Through WhatsApp: send a message to 06-55999245
  • Send an email to
  • At the door we take reservations for 5 minutes after your arrival time.


Important notes:

  • Everyone sanitises their hands when they come in, and we will ask you if in the past 24 hours you’ve experienced coughing, a chest cold, a 38.0 degree (or higher) fever, or any shortness of breath, or if one of your housemates has experienced such symptoms.  
  • A maximum of 4 people can be at a table, unless they’re from the same household.
  • Tables, chairs and condiments will be thoroughly sanitised after each visit.
  • We’ll keep 1,5m distance from each other and guests at all times. However, children are free to play together in the designated areas.
  • The toilets will be cleaned and sanitised every 30 minutes. Keep your distance while you’re waiting in line.
  • Our staff washes and sanitises their hands frequently.

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