Cancellation Policy

Hi pancake lover,

We love that you want to come and have pancakes at our restaurant. Please read our terms and conditions very carefully! This way there will be no surprises. Do you have any questions regarding allergies, accessibility of the restaurant, or anything else, don’t hesitate to send an email to

The following terms and conditions apply to all reservations.



Changing group reservations:

Changing your reservation is free of charge up until 48 hours before the reservation time.


      • If you come with a smaller group without informing us 48 hours in advance, we are forced to charge you for the reserved number of people.

      • If the group is larger than the reservation made, we will do our utmost to accommodate you as well as possible, but we cannot guarantee that there is enough room in the restaurant. Because we serve the tastiest pancakes in Amsterdam, it is always very busy in our PANCAKES Amsterdam restaurants.


    Cancelling group reservations

    Cancelling your reservation is free of charge up until 48 hours before the reservation time.


        • If you forget to cancel your reservation on time, we’re forced to charge you 50% of the reservation, with a minimum amount of €50,-.


      Time slot

      We work with a time slot, your table will be available from 10 minutes before till 10 minutes after the reservation time.

      Because we like to offer all our guests and reservations a lovely PANCAKES Amsterdam Experience, we ask you to please be on time and respect the reserved time slot. We reserve your table from 10 before till 10 minutes after your booked time. If you’re over 10 minutes late without notifying us, we’re forced to release the reserved tables and we cannot guarantee there is enough space available in the restaurants. 



      Our group locations

      We only take reservations for our restaurant PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarkt, PANCAKES Amsterdam Aan ‘t IJ and PANCAKES Amsterdam Zuidas. Please make sure you are at the right location. Please find contact details below.

      PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarkt
      Prinsengracht 277
      1016 GW Amsterdam
      020-820 04 04 

      PANCAKES Amsterdam Aan ‘t IJ
      De Ruijterkade 35
      1012 AB Amsterdam
      020-820 42 48 

      PANCAKES Amsterdam Zuidas
      Gustav Mahlerlaan 525
      1082 MK Amsterdam
      020-820 88 83 




      Or do you have a last-minute question, just call the restaurant of your reservation!

      Looking forward to seeing you at PANCAKES Amsterdam.