“Where the world is flat”

PANCAKES Amsterdam "Where the world is flat"

PANCAKES Amsterdam

At first glance, our new slogan might sound weird. We’ve established the world is round, right? Well, not here at PANCAKES Amsterdam.

– Everything is flat –

After taking a good look at all facets of our company, we suddenly realised that everything is flat in the world of PANCAKES Amsterdam. First, and most importantly, pancakes are flat. But that’s not where it ends. The way our company and brand are structured is flat. There is a direct line between employees and management. There are no complicated channels of communication. Everyone, from the founder of PANCAKES Amsterdam to the restaurant chefs, is in the same group chat. 

And we can take it even further! Our supply chain is “flat”. We receive many of our products, like our flour and milk, directly from the suppliers. Our flour comes from Korenmolen de Windotter and they have been providing us with our flour since 2007, when PANCAKES Amsterdam first opened. They make a flour mix especially for us, so we have our own PANCAKES Amsterdam flour mix! Our milk is supplied by More than Milk Amsterdam (MOMA).Their aim is to create a direct link between city and countryside, by taking the milk directly from the farmers to consumers. They’re basically the modern-day milk man!

Still not convinced that the world of PANCAKES Amsterdam is flat? Well, consider this: the main product on our menu is the traditional Dutch pancake. And it just so happens that the Netherlands is the third flattest country in the world!

So there you have it: our product, the company, the supply chain and even the country of origin are all flat. And we’re proud to let everyone know about PANCAKES Amsterdam: Where the world is flat!

PANCAKES Amsterdam’s new slogan is “Where the world is flat” and we are celebrating this new slogan with a huge marketing campaign to let everyone know about it.

A while back we shot an amazing video at our location next to the Anne Frank House, on the Prinsengracht. We asked several people to sit down and have a Dutch pancake. We wanted to know what they thought,  but most of all, we just wanted people to try our delicious pancakes! Check our brand new video online!

PANCAKES Amsterdam Reel


We are very proud of the results and we would love to thank all the lovely people who helped us to create this masterpiece!

Team PANCAKES Amsterdam 

PANCAKES Amsterdam

** The video was shot at our location on Prinsengracht 277 – PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarkt. **

Source: PANCAKES Amsterdam

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