Vitality Pancakes

Enjoying delicious treats guilt-free? Yes, please!

Low in calories, high in protein

Nowadays we try to be conscious about what we eat. We try to stay away from sugar and buy organic products whenever possible. At PANCAKES Amsterdam, we wanted to show our guests that our pancakes fit that trend, and can be enjoyed, guilt-free. Our Dutch pancakes are made with whole grain flour, and don’t contain any added sugars. We only use organic and (where possible) local products. But did you know that our pancakes are also low in calories? And if you choose your toppings right, they’re high in protein, too! 

PANCAKES Amsterdam Vitality Pancakes


A new emphasis on vitality means a focus on longer, healthier lives. Whoever though pancakes can’t be a part of that, may be mistaken. At PANCAKES Amsterdam Zuidas, we serve a few vitality pancakes. These Dutch pancakes were carefully selected, based on their nutritional value. One of our Dutch pancakes topped with smoked chicken (organic, free-range), spinach and chili pepper is a perfect, filling meal, with only 362 calories and 37 grams of protein! Feeling more fancy? Why not try a Dutch pancake with smoked Royal salmon, spinach and zucchini. This pancake happens to be a great source of protein, as well as iron. 

Can’t wait to taste one of these delicious pancakes? Head on over to PANCAKES Amsterdam Zuidas! Click here if you want to know more about this location. 

Source: PANCAKES Amsterdam
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