UNICEF Business Buddie

We have been a proud Business Buddie of UNICEF since 2019! This is still incredibly cool! The great thing is that you can also contribute. We donate our toilet proceeds at our PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarkt location to UNICEF to provide clean water supply projects for children.

PANCAKES Amsterdam UNICEF Business Buddie

Every day, over 700 children under the age of 5 years old are dying because of poor hygienic conditions. They don’t have any access to clean drinking water and there aren’t enough toilets. These children live in a world that we can’t even imagine. UNICEF is committed to solving these problems worldwide and we would like to help too!

But why isn’t the toilet free I hear you think?
We would also prefer to offer a free toilet, but unfortunately, this is not realistic.

After some research, we found out that the toilet facilities around the Westermarkt are not that great. This consulted that a lot of passengers, not PANCAKES Amsterdam guests were going to use our toilets and that our guests had to stand and wait in line.

But what if I eat at a restaurant? Do I have to pay then as well?
YES, you are donating as well. We are a cash-free restaurant because of safety reasons for our staff and our guests.

To take away the infinity we have drawn one line. Everyone pays for a clean toilet and we donate the profit of that money to projects for clean water, toilets, and hygiene for children. In short, you have a clean toilet, they have a clean toilet.

Would you like to read more about this amazing good cause? Sure just click on the link to visit the website of UNICEF.

– visit the UNICEF website – 

PANCAKES Amsterdam UNICEF Business Buddie

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