Pancake of the month

03 April 2018

PANCAKE OF THE MONTH | Russian Blini with delicious smoked salmon, horseradish cream, crème fraîche and some chives to top it off. Each month we serve a different worldly pancake from one of the many countries the world contains. This month we have chosen Russia, because it’s spring and we thought it was time for some delicious blini’s!

01 March 2018

PANCAKE OF THE MONTH | This month we have a very special pancake that is inspired by the beautiful country Italy. It is called Italian crespella. For this pancake we use a different kind of batter which is a bit like the dough you use for making pizza! To make the pancake pizza extra special, it is filled with mozzarella, prosciutto, tomato and rocket salad. Sounds delicious, right??

01 February 2018

Kaiserschmarrn is a shredded and  lightly caramelized pancake. This delicious pancake takes its name from the Austrian Emperor  Franz Joseph I who was very fond of this fluffy shredded pancake. Kaiserschmarrn is made from a sweet batter consisting of flour, eggs, sugar, salt and milk.

01 December 2017

This month we have the special pancake called the ‘Festive December Pancake’! The Festive December pancake is a true party in the theme of our lovely ‘Sinterklaas’ celebration and the Christmas holiday.

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