Gluten-free Pancakes at PANCAKES Amsterdam

Are you looking for a nice place where you can enjoy gluten-free pancakes? Than we have some good news for you, as Pancakes Amsterdam holds a great variety of gluten-free pancakes choices! You can order all the Dutch pancakes gluten-free. Unfortunately, our selection of American Pancakes and Poffertjes are not available without gluten.

Lately we have experienced a growing trend in the demand of gluten-free pancakes. But what is gluten-free exactly? Gluten is a group of proteins that provides structure to a product made of wheat, rye, barley and oats. It is often added to pancakes as a product improver, but for some people this can cause hypersensitivity reactions with celiac disease (gluten intolerants). Therefore, we decided to stay on the lookout for new ways of preparing our pancakes, so we can provide pancakes to everyone, made of the best quality gluten-free flour.

Preparing gluten-free pancakes is a whole different ballgame, as the process and the preparation time takes a bit longer to guarantee quality and ensure to really exclude all the gluten from our pancakes. This means more quality time with your friends or family!

At Pancakes Amsterdam we want to be sure of your health. Therefore we introduced a system that enables both the waitress and you to verify and be sure of serving the right pancakes. You and the waitress can recognise the gluten-free pancake by a blue little chip on the Pancake. Did you order a gluten-free pancake? Make sure you have one on your plate, if not, than ask the staff to ensure your pancake is gluten-free.

Did you enjoy your pancake at Pancakes Amsterdam, and would you like to be able to make them at home yourself? You can buy our gluten-free flour and start baking some delicious pancakes at home!Back to overview