02 juli 2019

Our new slogan, because everything is flat in the world of PANCAKES Amsterdam. This sounds weird but if you look closer you will understand. Dutch pancakes, The Netherlands, our brand and company, and Amsterdam. Everything is flat!

01 december 2018

American Pancakes are a real, classic American breakfast. Mornings would simply be incomplete without stacks of pancakes, served with maple syrup, butter or any other topping. They’ve been part of morning routines at home for years, and nowadays they’re a staple of many breakfast menus in restaurants all over the world.

04 juni 2018

PANCAKES Amsterdam has their own mill. A beautiful mill situated in IJsselstein. Since the beginning of 2007 we are connected to this mill. A friendship that is more than a decade old, so incredible! The Korenmolen van Windotter is a family mill. This makes it extra special.

16 mei 2018

GREAT NEWS!! We opened another PANCAKES Amsterdam location!
PANCAKES Amsterdam Aan ’t IJ opened May 2018! Our newest location has the most beautiful view of Amsterdam. This is the fourth PANCAKES Amsterdam location. Find out all about PANCAKES Amsterdam Aan ‘t IJ here!

11 mei 2018

Searching for a good place to eat gluten free, lactose free or vegan pancakes? PANCAKES Amsterdam is the right place to be. We serve gluten free and lactose free pancakes, and we even have a small selection of vegan options. Every option and combination is possible with the traditional Dutch pancake. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have these options with the American pancakes and poffertjes. We have established a special menu for the vegan options.

14 maart 2018

Would you like to work in a diverse team, where FUN is one of the most important factors? A team which is a real PANCAKE Family? Then don’t look any further and apply right now at PANCAKES Amsterdam. We have several job openings in multiple divisions.

01 maart 2018

PANCAKES Amsterdam is very proud to tell you that we serve VEGAN pancakes. PANCAKES Amsterdam offers vegan Dutch pancakes. Unfortunately, we do not serve vegan American pancakes and Poffertjes. Nevertheless, we have an amazing variety of vegan pancakes and the PANCAKES Amsterdam taste is still guaranteed.

07 februari 2018

Are you looking for a nice place where you can enjoy gluten-free, lactose-free or vegan pancakes? Then we have got some good news for you! At PANCAKES Amsterdam we serve gluten- and lactose-free pancakes and we also have a selection of vegan pancakes.

PANCAKES Amsterdam offers a great variety of gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan pancakes! Upon request, all of the Dutch pancakes can be prepared gluten-free and lactose-free. Unfortunately, we cannot offer gluten- or lactose- free options for American Pancakes and Poffertjes. For vegan lovers we have a special menu.

24 november 2017

When you visit Amsterdam, or the Netherlands in general, enjoying delicious Dutch pancakes should definitely be on your list. At our pancake houses in Amsterdam, we serve Dutch pancakes with a modern, global twist. Our pancakes are mainly based on a traditional Dutch recipe but they are also inspired by cultures from all over the world. We also serve many other pancake specialties.

Have we aroused your curiosity about our pancakes? Check out our menu to get inspired by all the different flavors we offer, or read on to learn more about our concept.

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