14 juni 2022

We have been a proud Business Buddie of UNICEF since 2019! This is still incredibly cool! The great thing is that you can also contribute. We donate our toilet proceeds at our PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarkt location to UNICEF to provide clean water supply projects for children.

14 juni 2022

Wie goed doet goed ontmoet. The life motto of PANCAKES Amsterdam. Over the years PANCAKES Amsterdam has become a partner of various charities, initiatives and other things that make the city of Amsterdam more beautiful.

19 februari 2020

Enjoying delicious treats guilt-free? Yes, please! 

03 februari 2020

If you put goodness out into the world, you get goodness back. That's why we became a UNICEF Business Buddie. 

01 oktober 2019

In light of International Day of Older Persons, we'd like to take the opportunity to tell you about a very special event we organised last year. December 2018, lights are flickering everywhere and it’s cold outside (well, considering the time of year, the temperature was very pleasant, but you get the idea). Our restaurants are filled with guests enjoying pancakes, surrounded by their family and friends. It’s a festive time for everyone.

25 september 2019

WHERE THE WORLD IS FLAT | Here at PANCAKES Amsterdam, we like to keep everything as flat as our pancakes. Where possible, we only use sustainable, fair trade and locally sourced ingredients. One of the main ingredients for our pancakes is milk, which we get from MOMA – More than Milk Amsterdam.

02 juli 2019

Our new slogan, because everything is flat in the world of PANCAKES Amsterdam. This sounds weird but if you look closer you will understand. Dutch pancakes, The Netherlands, our brand and company, and Amsterdam. Everything is flat!

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