From Grass to Pancakes

More and more people are concerned about sustainability. Reducing waste, using locally sourced products: at PANCAKES Amsterdam we want to do our part as best as we can. That’s why we set out to find an organic, local alternative for the milk that goes in our Dutch pancake recipe. Instead of anonymous, mass-produced milk, we wanted to get our milk directly from the farm. And we managed to do just that, thanks to MOMA – More than Milk Amsterdam.

Liquid Landscape 

Modern milkman Marten found a way to bring the country and the city closer together. How did he manage? By bringing the milk from the cows on organic farm ‘de Groene Griffioen’ directly from the grass to glass, or in our case, pancakes. He processes the milk made by their cows himself together with Myrte. When the milk is ready for cappuccino’s and pancakes, they load it all into their van and take it to several locations in Amsterdam. This gives Marten and Myrte the chance to talk to their customers about sustainable, honest products, directly from the farm. They realised that their customers love going back to basics. They hope to bring a little bit of liquid landscape directly to the people, while creating awareness for sustainable, organic farming. They would also like the city to know that to find this piece of liquid landscape, you don’t have to look far.

PANCAKES Amsterdam From Grass to Pancakes

‘De Groene Griffioen’ 

Just outside of Amsterdam, about 50 cows wander around huge meadows every day. The Montebéliarde cows live on the farm ‘De Groene Griffioen’ and are easily recognised by their white faces and little horns. Farmers Boy and Wendela only want the best for their cows, so they only eat the grass off their own land. That makes the whole farm 100% organic. They have a special place in our hearts, because thanks  to them, we can provide our guests with delicious pancakes!

Each week, 8 cows produce the milk we use in our restaurants. They’re milked in the morning, and by the time it’s lunch-time, we can use their milk to make pancakes. It doesn’t  get any more fresh than that! When Marten brings the milk, he takes the old containers with him, to reuse. That means we no longer have any milk cartons to throw out.

We’re so happy with our milk man. Fresh, local, organic milk, with no waste. It doesn’t get any better than that!

PANCAKES Amsterdam From Grass to Pancakes

Want to know how to make Dutch pancakes from scratch? Just check out our YouTube channel and soon your home-made pancakes will rival the best pancakes Amsterdam!

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