Enjoy tasty Dutch pancakes at our pancake houses in Amsterdam

When you visit Amsterdam, or the Netherlands in general, enjoying delicious Dutch pancakes should definitely be on your list. At our pancake houses in Amsterdam, we serve Dutch pancakes with a modern, global twist. Our pancakes are mainly based on a traditional Dutch recipe but they are also inspired by cultures from all over the world. We also serve many other pancake specialties.

Have we aroused your curiosity about our pancakes? Check out our menu to get inspired by all the different flavors we offer, or read on to learn more about our concept.

Pancake houses in Amsterdam with a modern twist
Being authentic is very important to us. Our ingredients are carefully chosen and preparation in our pancake houses is done with love. Although we believe Dutch pancakes are the most delicious pancakes in the world, at our pancake houses we serve more than just typical Dutch pancakes. We also serve pancakes with a modern twist.

Every month, we offer a seasonal or country-related special pancake. We don’t just limit our modern twist to the toppings we use. Our batter is also prepared in a special way – making for a truly unconventional pancake experience.

Where to find our pancake houses in Amsterdam?
PANCAKES Amsterdam has 3 beautiful locations in Amsterdam, all in the bustling city center. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a place to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner – at PANCAKES Amsterdam you can enjoy pancakes at any moment of the day. If you are planning on visiting us with a group of more than 5 people, we recommend that you make a reservation.

Special breakfast deal
Finding the right place to eat breakfast in Amsterdam has become easier than ever. With an I-Amsterdam card, you are entitled to a 25% discount on all the pancakes on our breakfast menu. So bring your friends, get inspired by combinations of flavors and experience how the whole world enjoys pancakes at PANCAKES Amsterdam.

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