Celebrate your birthday at PANCAKES Amsterdam!

What is more fun than celebrating your birthday at Amsterdam’s best pancake house? At PANCAKES Amsterdam we love parties, and we put our own spin on them. Here you don’t blow out candles on a cake, instead, you will blow out your birthday candles on a pancake cake! Isn’t that fun? We offer three different kinds of parties, so there is always one that fits your wants and needs.

We have parties where you can decorate your very own Dutch pancake. You as the birthday kid and all your friends will have your very own Dutch pancake to decorate. All of the yummy toppings are on the table and will make your pancake look like a true masterpiece! All toppings aside, we have big jugs of lemonade for you and your guests to enjoy. For the grownups that accompany you, we have a nice cup of coffee or tea available. 

If just decorating pancakes isn’t enough, we also have the option to decorate a snazzy chef’s hat! Before the pancakes arrive, you will have the opportunity to deck out your own hat, so you will decorate your pancake feeling like a true chef!

Don’t worry if Dutch Pancakes are not your cup of tea, we have a party for you too! You can decorate your own stack of American Pancakes with a nice glass of sparkling lemonade on the side. That sounds like a party to us!

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