The Festive Pancake of December

november 20, 2019

PANCAKE OF THE MONTH | The festive season is here, which means it’s time for the festive pancake! From the arrival of Sinterklaas till New Year’s Eve, we’re very happy to serve you a yummy pancake with chocolate sauce and whipped cream, topped with tasty Dutch treats.


Worldly Pancakes

In almost every cuisine, all over the world, you can find a pancake. What we Dutchies call pancakes, look nothing like traditional American pancakes. Those are thick and fluffy, often stacked and topped with maple syrup and butter. Dutch pancakes are flat and thin, with toppings like bacon and apple. They look much more like French crêpes! At PANCAKES Amsterdam, we love all these different pancakes. More importantly, we like sharing different pancakes with our guests. To celebrate the holiday season, this month we decided to share a Dutch pancake with Dutch holiday treats!




What’s better than a cookie? A cookie on a pancake! That’s why we chose to put some cookies on the festive pancake. Not just any cookies: ‘pepernoten’. These tiny, bite-sized cookies are like gingerbread, and they’re a typical Sinterklaas treat. If you’re going to treat yourself, you have to do it right! After Sinterklaas leaves on December 6th, we’re swapping the pepernoten for delicious little stroopwafels: caramel filled waffles!



A True Feast

With this festive pancake we decided to go all the way and make it into a true feast. Besides the cookies, we’re topping the festive pancake with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. What’s not to love?


The Festive pancake is available in all of our restaurants until the 31st of December, for €10,50. Click here to see all of our locations. See you soon!

Bron: PANCAKES Amsterdam

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