Sustainable Development at PANCAKES Amsterdam

november 03, 2019

At PANCAKES Amsterdam, we firmly believe that you get what you give. That means we always strive to do good things for the people and environment around us. To take it a step further, we decided to try and implement a few Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


About Sustainable Development Goals

You may be thinking: “what are SDGs?” Fair question. These 17 goals were formulated by the United Nations in 2015, with the help of all member states, various stake holders and people from all over the world. The aim, put simply, is to make the world a better place for everyone, for all future generations.


Sounds ambitious, right? That’s exactly the point. We need to aim higher than ever before if we want our beautiful planet to survive. And to do that, everyone needs to work together. From national governments to multinational companies to small start-ups, everyone has to do their part to make sure these goals are met by 2030.


The SDGs are not only about the environment, but also tackle the economy and social issues. The aim is to make sure that by 2030, poverty, hunger and inequality are gone and the environment is safe from pollution. These huge goals sound irrelevant for a company like PANCAKES Amsterdam, but as mentioned, we will only achieve them if everyone on earth works together. That’s why we’ve picked a few goals we want to try and achieve ourselves.


Goals for PANCAKES Amsterdam

We picked six goals to work towards within our company:  


-              SDG 2: Zero Hunger – we want to reduce the amount of food wasted

-              SDG 5: Gender Equality – equal opportunities for ALL genders, not just the binary ones

-              SDG 6: Clean Water & Sanitation – by donating the profits of our paid toilets, we’re doing a small part in trying to achieve this goal

-              SDG 8: Decent Work & Economic Growth – we want to take a good look at our suppliers: are they “green” companies? Are they equal opportunity employers?

-              SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities – everyone should feel welcome at PANCAKES Amsterdam, regardless of ethnicity, gender orientation, religion, sexual orientation, etc. We want to make sure that this absolutely true in all of our restaurants.

-              SDG 12: Responsible Consumption & Production – we want to do better when it comes to recycling and reducing our material footprint.


We started with asking our employees about how they think we’re doing when it comes to these SDGs. We got so many different answers and suggestions that told us that while we’re definitely on the right track, we also have a lot of room for improvement.


Doing better

Now that we have a better picture of the areas that need improving, we want to work towards finding practical solutions and implementing them. We know that this won’t be an easy, straightforward task. We have so many people to consider: our guests, our staff, our suppliers, and of course, our neighbours. It will be a huge task to make sure we make the right choices for everyone involved, but it doesn’t matter if we don’t do it perfectly. What matters is that we start doing better.

Bron: PANCAKES Amsterdam

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