The pancake of October | Oktoberfest!

september 18, 2019

PANCAKE OF THE MONTH | For the month of October we’re bringing back an autumn favourite: the Oktoberfest pancake! To celebrate the German festival, we’re serving a special made with a beer batter. We top it off with a sausage, curry sauce and fried onions. Sounds delicious, right?


Worldly pancakes

In almost every cuisine, all over the world, you can find a pancake. What we Dutchies call pancakes, look nothing like traditional American pancakes. Those are thick and fluffy, often stacked and topped with maple syrup and butter. Dutch pancakes are flat and thin, with toppings like bacon and apple. They look much more like French crêpes! At PANCAKES Amsterdam, we love all these different pancakes. More importantly, we like sharing different pancakes with our guests. Sometimes, we put a different spin on our Dutch pancake, by adding ingredients from different cultures.



Oktoberfest is the largest beer festival in the world. It runs for 16 days leading up to the first Sunday in October. Every year in late September, millions of people travel to Munich (Bavaria, Germany), to take part in the most import celebration of Bavarian culture. The Oktoberfest dates back all the way to 1810, when it was first held as an event to celebrate the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. Since then, the festival continued to grow and change every year until it became the huge folk festival it is today. New records for litres of beer and the amount of chicken consumed are broken every year. To mark the start of the festival on September 21st, we'll be serving a special Oktoberfest pancake! 


Beer & sausage

This yummy Oktoberfest pancake is a little different from our traditional Dutch pancakes. How exactly? It's made with bockbeer in the batter! We topped it with a fried egg, a sausage, fried onions and a delicious curry sauce. Delicious and unique, so definitely a must try! 


The Oktoberfest pancake is available in all our restaurants until the 31st of October, for €13,50. Click here to see all of our locations. See you soon!

Bron: PANCAKES Amsterdam

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