The pancake of September | a multi-cultural pancake

september 01, 2019

PANCAKE OF THE MONTH | At PANCAKES Amsterdam, we celebrate diversity. We’re proud to have employees with over 19 different nationalities. Those employees have the best ideas on how to bring their culture to our pancakes. This month, we’re very proud to share Richard’s pancake with you: a Dutch pancake with chicken and harissa sauce!

Pancakes around the world

Pancakes are staple in almost all cuisines, all over the world. We Dutchies have Dutch pancakes, with traditional toppings like bacon and apple. They’re just little bit thicker than the French crêpe and of course, they are our favourites! The Americans are known for their fluffy, thick and stacked pancakes. Of course, there are many more variations of pancakes all around the world. There are too many delicious options to choose from, and we really want to share as many as possible with our fellow pancake lovers. This month, we’ve chosen to put a spin on the traditional Dutch pancake, with the help of our Ghanaian employee, Richard.





What makes this pancake really special is the added harissa sauce. Harissa traditionally a north African red chili paste, mainly consisting of roasted peppers and a bunch of yummy spices and herbs, such as garlic and cumin. This delicious sauce spread its way around the world, and is now found in many different countries.



Multi-cultural pancake

A north-African sauce, on a Dutch pancake, created by a Ghanaian employee: a truly multi-cultural pancake. We love celebrating different cultures and we’re very proud of this unique creation. Don’t miss out on this delicious Dutch pancake with chicken, spring onions and harissa sauce.


The harissa pancake is available in all our restaurants until the 20th of September, for €11,50. Click here to see all of our locations. See you soon!

Bron: PANCAKES Amsterdam

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