UNICEF Business Buddie

februari 03, 2020

At PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarkt, we charge everyone € 0,50 for using the toilets. It wasn’t always the case, because we think that everyone should always have access to a clean toilet. However, the lines for our toilets were becoming longer by the day, practically exceeding the lines for the Anne Frank House.


We asked around the neighbourhood and found out why our toilets were so popular: the main tourist attractions around the restaurant had paid toilets and everyone was more than willing to wait in line for 15 minutes if it meant they didn’t have to pay for the toilets. Unfortunately this meant that our customers also had to wait in line and our staff was constantly busy trying to keep the toilets clean.



So we had to start asking money for our toilets. We weren’t thrilled about the idea, so we wanted to put a positive spin on it. We researched charitable projects that were focused on sanitation and soon we found UNICEF’s WASH: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.


Shortly after we started donating to UNICEF, we contacted them to ask if it would be alright to use their logo in PANCAKES Amsterdam. That way, guests could see what their money was going towards. We started talking and came up with the Business Buddie Project. We’re very proud that together we came up with an idea that will hopefully inspire more companies to join UNICEF’s projects.




PANCAKES Amsterdam Founder Nicolette Bosschieter: “We are a primarily a company that believes if you put goodness out into the world, you get goodness back. That’s why we became a UNICEF Business Buddie. We donate the proceeds of our paid toilets to UNICEF. We’ve turned something negative (paying for the toilets) into something positive (helping children). This completely fits the vision of PANCAKES Amsterdam.”


Share your pancake! 

There's always more to be done. That's why we would like to join UNICEF in their October campaign by sharing your meals.

Nowadays our food doesn't only need to be tasty and healthy, it also needs to look pretty on social media. PANCAKES Amsterdam wants to help UNICEF in their mission to feed under nourished children by donating a meal for every picture of the pancakes you share. Want to help? Here's how:

Step 1: Take a picture of your pancake. Easy, right?

Step 2: Post it on Instagram and tag @pancakesamsterdam

Step 3: Use the hashtag #deeljemenu 

And that's it! 

Let's all work together and make sure no child has to go to sleep hungry. 


Bron: PANCAKES Amsterdam

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