The pancake of June | Hawaii Pancake

juni 01, 2019

PANCAKE OF THE MONTH JUNE! Our special for the month of June is inspired by the most controversial pizza of all time: pizza Hawaii. We’re no stranger to mixing sweet and savoury flavours, so we decided to combine cheese, ham and pineapple on a traditional Dutch pancake to make the perfect Hawaii pancake!



While its name suggests a Hawaiian origin, pineapple was first served on a pizza in Ontario, Canada. What’s even more interesting, is that the idea came from Greek chef Sam Panopoulos, making this a very international pizza. It’s almost as international as our team here at PANCAKES Amsterdam. We currently over 19 different nationalities amongst our staff. Fun fact: we’re still missing Americans, Canadians and Greeks, just saying ;) So if you are still looking for a summer job (or just a job), you can contact Ramon in HR at or send him a message on WhatsApp: +31 6 55 99 92 45


Team Pineapple

As mentioned, the pizza Hawaii is perhaps the most debated pizza of all time. People just can’t agree on whether or not pineapple belongs on a pizza. Here at PANCAKES Amsterdam we can’t agree either, but one thing we do know is that we are definitely team pineapple on this typical Dutch pancakes. Why don’t you come and try for yourself?


The Hawaii Pancake is available in our restaurants for €11,00, all throughout the month of June. For up-to-date opening hours, you can click here. Hope to see you soon in one of our restaurants!

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