september 05, 2018

PANCAKE OF THE MONTH |September. Back to school means back to basic. This month we would like to cheer you up with a delicious fluffy American pancakes. But not just some regular American pancakes but, a classic stack of American pancakes with bacon, maple syrup and a fried egg on top. Every month, we serve a different worldly pancake from any country around the world. This month we have chosen an classic American style pancakes!


Worldly pancakes
Many countries have their own specialty pancake. The Dutchies for example, are known for their traditional Dutch pancakes with bacon and apple. Our pancakes are just a little bit thicker than a crêpe and we believe they are fabulous/the best! The French are famous for their banquettes and French cheeses, but also for their delicate crêpes. This French, super thin pancake, is often served with Nutella! And then we have the original American pancakes: a fluffy and thick stack of smaller pancakes. These are often served for breakfast and usually come with maple syrup and some fresh fruit. In Austria, they do things a little differently, serving a traditional Kaiserschmarren. They create one huge sweet pancake, cut it into little pieces and traditionally serve your portion with raisins and a plum compote. These are just a view examples from the many delicious pancakes around the world! Since there are so many to choose from, it just wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t share it with our pancakes lovers. 

Back to basic with classic fluffy American style pancakes
American pancakes just a bit fluffy and stacked on a plate with crispy bacon, maple syrup and a fried egg. A breakfast to die for. Seriously is there something better than this? We don’t think so, this delicious month special is available in the all of our PANCAKES Amsterdam restaurants until the end of September. The back to basic September month special is just 11,50, and goes really good with a black coffee and a fresh orange juice.

Something else good to know is that our American pancakes are not gluten-free, lactose-free or vegan. If you have an allergy that is no problem at all. But only most of our Dutch pancakes can be made gluten-free, lactose-free or even vegan style!! Would you like to know more about it? Just click here to read the blog.

American pancakes
American pancakes are very essential part of a classic American breakfast, but did you know they have only been on our tables since the 19th century? There are hundred of different version of pancakes, there are so many different country’s with their own style of pancakes, like we do have our Dutch pancakes.

This month we like to go back to the basics and a proper breakfast is one of your daily basics right? So we came up with delicious fluffy American style pancakes with crispy bacon, maple syrup and a fried egg. YUMMY!!

This September month special is available in our restaurants until 30th of September. And cost you only 11,50 euro. Oh and before I forget, it goes really really well with a black coffee and if you are not a really morning person? No worries we serve this special pancakes all day every day!


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