The pancake of August | A real Dutch summer treat!

augustus 12, 2018

PANCAKE OF THE MONTH | This August we would like to cheer you up with a Dutch pancake with some fruit salad and ice cream. A perfect summer pancake don’t you think? This delicious Dutch pancake is a real sweet treat. A plain Dutch pancakes with some fresh fruit and vanilla ice cream! With this summer limited edition, we are sure that all of your sweet pancake dreams will come true! Every month, we serve a different worldly pancake from any country around the world. We have chosen an all-time favorite from The Netherlands in July, just because we love our country so much!

Worldly pancakes
Many countries have their own specialty pancake. The Dutchies for example, are known for their traditional Dutch pancakes with bacon and apple. Our pancakes are just a little bit thicker than a crêpe and we believe they are fabulous/the best! The French are famous for their banquettes and French cheeses, but also for their delicate crêpes. This French, super thin pancake, is often served with Nutella! And then we have the original American pancakes: a fluffy and thick stack of smaller pancakes. These are often served for breakfast and usually come with maple syrup and some fresh fruit. In Austria, they do things a little differently, serving a traditional Kaiserschmarren. They create one huge sweet pancake, cut it into little pieces and traditionally serve your portion with raisins and a plum compote. These are just a view examples from the many delicious pancakes around the world! Since there are so many to choose from, it just wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t share it with our pancakes lovers.

Real Dutch summer treat
This month, we have chosen a traditional plain Dutch pancake with fresh fruits and delicious vanilla ice cream to top it off! Enjoy summer the fullest!


Our summer pancake is available at all of our PANCAKES Amsterdam locations in the month of August. We hope to see you soon!

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