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June 04, 2018

PANCAKES Amsterdam has their own mill. A beautiful mill situated in IJsselstein. Since the beginning of 2007 we are connected to this mill. A friendship that is more than a decade old, so incredible! The Korenmolen van Windotter is a family mill. This makes it extra special.

Korenmolen van Windotter
This mill makes everything what has to do with grain. Think of bread, cookies and especially for PANCAKES Amsterdam, pancake mix. This windmill was already a flour mill from 1732, in 1984 the municipality bought the mill. They renovated it completely for 1.120.000 gulden and in 1988 the mill was completed and Maarten Dolman started as miller. In 2004 they also opened a special shop, so also the private individuals can shop delicious flour.

The production was 1988 83.907 kilo flour nowadays they produce more than 250.000 kilo per year and Maarten Dolman is still in charge!molen-blog-foto.png

PANCAKES Amsterdam pancake flour
After one year of search, we found our ideal PANCAKES flour. Together with the miller Maarten Dolman we have come to our secret recipe of the PANCAKES Amsterdam pancake flourmix. This mill is making our pancakes flourmix and also our gluten-free pancake flourmix.

For all the pancakes fans, we sell our PANCAKES Amsterdam pancake flour mix in our restaurants. The main components of the  normal pancake mix are whole wheat, buckwheat and white flour. We have put it into a the paperbag along with the  PANCAKES Amsterdam pancake recipe! This also applied for the gluten-free pancake mix.

So if you are not able to visit our restaurant on a daily base just take some pancake flour mix home! And you can spread the pancake love at home, give a Pancake Party for family and friends. Would you like to know how we make our delicious pancakes, just check our YouTube-channel for our how you could make our pancakes at home! 


This beautifull mill is open for visiters, just go to IJselstein and see the mill for youself. Would you like to find out more about the mill where all the PANCAKES Amsterdam flour is coming from? Check their website @

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 Are you a history fan? Just bit more history of the mill ‘De Windotter’
The mill ‘De Windotter’ belongs to one of the largest mills in the Netherlands and has been fully operational since the restoration of 1986/1987. Miller Maarten Dolman runs the mill company on behalf of the 's-Heren Korenmolen foundation in IJsselstein. His wife Lia takes care of the mill shop and acts as hostess at breakfast and lunches in the teahouse. Son Karel follows the training for miller and millmaker. Dozens of volunteers for the work in the mill, the sale in the mill shop, the writing and circulation of the 'Windotter nieuws' and the many 'Participants' and 'Friends of the Windotter' contribute to the success of the milling operation.

The flour mill occupies a special place in the IJsselstein community. The daily activities at the mill site and the almost always turning blades ensure that it is not a 'cold' monument, but that the dynamics of the working mill give it a unique position within the Dutch mill.

 The slogan 'Gang is everything' has become the common thread in the management and organization of all mill activities. The influx on the mill yard is therefore great. From baker to home baker, from hiking tourist to full coaches: The Windotter is for every interested person a fascinating and rich experience!

According to the original mill, three pairs of stones are located on the stone loft of De Windotter: one pair of '16er' blue and two pairs of '17er' artificial stones. One pair of artificial stones can be driven by an electric motor. There are also two mixing kettles, a flower basket (a sieving machine for obtaining white flowers), a wheat letter from 1913, a vertical grinding chair to break, a sowing ladder, two transport jacks and a silo space of 20 tons. 

The mill has five attics: grain, grinding, brick, louvre and roof attic. On the stone loft is a stone crane to be able to lift the approximately 1000 kg heavy top millstones (runners). The grinding stones can then be sharpened manually with the aid of bilge hammers. Depending on the wind, the grinding capacity can amount to approximately 2000 kg per working day. The sail cross has a 26 meter flight and is equipped with breeding wicks with signs and automatic brake valves. The hood is covered with wooden shales.



Source: PANCAKES Amsterdam

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