PANCAKES Challenge | May

mei 02, 2018

PANCAKES Challenge for May! A brand new idea to treat our pancakes fans with some nice presents. There are so so many pictures you all share with us. LOVE IT! And thank you so much, so we would like to do something back, as a sign of appreciation.

This may PANCAKES Challenge will be from the 4th of May until 18st of May. This gives our pancakes fans two week to share their photo with us. Remember it could be a picture you took years back, you can always share it as long as it meets the requirements.

Share a picture of one of the famous PANCAKES Amsterdam vases, made by Hugo Kaagman our street artist. At PANCAKES Amsterdam we like to radiate a unity. We do this through our recurring interior, the use of blue and white and through the art of Hugo Kaagman. Each location has a recognizable vase. Just share a picture of one of the PANCAKES Amsterdam vases. Be creative, think out of the box! GO CRAZY and take a selfie! <3

Share this photo on Instagram and use the hashtag #pancakeschallenge and like our Instagram page @pancakesamsterdam.

  1.    Share your photo of one of the PANCAKES Amsterdam vases
  2.    Use the hashtag - #pancakeschallenge
  3.    Follow our Instagram - @pancakesamsterdam 


WIN – WIN – WIN!! On of the famous t-shirts of the PANCAKES Amsterdam collection. Would you like to know how they look like? Just check our website!


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