The pancake of May | Swedish pancake

april 26, 2018

PANCAKE OF THE MONTH | This May we hope to fulfill your pancake dreams with the delicious Swedish pancake with strawberry jam, fresh red fruits and unsweetened cream. A real summer treat! Each month we serve a different worldly pancake from one of the many countries the world contains. This month we have chosen Sweden, because it’s spring and the summer is just around the corner so you deserve something sweet, delicious and healthy!

Worldly pancakes
So many countries has their own specialty pancake, we Dutchies have Dutch pancakes, known for their traditional Dutch pancakes with bacon and apple. Just little bit thicker than the crêpe and we think they are the best! France are famous for their banquette and French cheeses, but also for their crêpes. A thin pancake often served with Nutella! The Americans are known for their American fluffy, thick and stacked pancakes. Austria for their Kaiserschmarren, a sweet caramelized pancake, cut into little pieces and traditionally served with raisins and a plum compote. These are just a view examples from the many more option we have to choose from. Each pancake to delicious for not sharing with our PANCAKE lovers!

A treat all the way from Sweden and officially from the Kingdom of Sweden. A Scandinavian country in the Northern part of Europe. Just between Norway and Finland and underneath connected to Denmark. Did you know Sweden is the third-largest country in the European Union, with a total population of over a 10 million people.

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and this beautiful Scandinavian city is just two hours away from Amsterdam by plane. Stockholm is also the largest city of Sweden. Their mother language is Swedish, but major majority speaks also English. They do not have the Euro but have their own currency the Swedish crown. The Sweden population are taking environment and innovation really serious and they are really invested in. Sweden is also known from IKEA, Swedish meat balls and many more things.

Swedish month special at PANCAKES Amsterdam
This May, we choose a summery pancake. It is a natural pancakes with homemade strawberry jam, fresh red forest fruit and unsweetened whipped cream. This pancake will be available in all of our PANCAKES Amsterdam locations. Check the nearest location through our website of Google Maps. Would you like to know more about one of our PANCAKES Amsterdam locations? Just check our website.


This delicious Swedish pancakes is available from 1ste of May until the 31ste of May. This pancakes can be ordered ‘gluten-free’, lactose-free’ and VEGAN. Would you like to know everything about allergies? Check our allergie blog.

Hope to see you soon in one of our locations!



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