The pancake of July | Swedish pancake

juli 01, 2019

 PANCAKE OF THE MONTH | This summer, we hope to fulfill your summer pancake dreams with a delicious Swedish pancake with strawberry jam, fresh red fruits and unsweetened cream. A real summer treat!


Worldly Pancakes

Each month, we serve a special pancake from a different country. Here at PANCAKES Amsterdam, we like to showcase diversity. We have over 20 different nationalities amongst our staff and we’re proud of that. With all that diversity, come many different pancakes. Of course, we Dutchies are known for our traditional Dutch pancakes, with bacon and apple. They’re a little bit thicker than the typically French crêpes, but much thinner than those thick, fluffy American Pancakes. Totally different are the Austrian Kaiserschmarren: a sweet, caramelised pancake, cut into little pieces and traditionally served with raisins and a plum compote. We have so many different pancakes to choose from, and this month we chose to highlight Sweden, with a delicious, sweet, healthy pancake to celebrate summer!


Meet Laura!

Each month, we would like you to meet some of our staff members. This month, we would like to introduce you Laura, who has a special connection to Sweden!


Hey Laura! What is your connection to Sweden?

Due to my bachelor studies in Scandinavian Languages and Literature i fell in love with not only the Swedish language but also the Swedish culture.

Can you tell us something funny you know about Sweden?

Something funny about Sweden, let me think. Maybe the fact that they eat fermented fish, which is called sürströmning. And that they have multiple festivals per year in various regions to honor that dish.  

And finally, if you could put anything you wanted on a pancake, what would it be?

If I could put anything on a pancake it would be salmon, creme fraiche, guacamole, onion and chives


Sounds yummy, don't you think? Thanks Laura! 


Summer Pancake

This July, we picked a very summery pancake to put on our menu. It is a plain Dutch pancake, with homemade strawberry jam, fresh red forest fruits and unsweetened cream. This pancake will be available in all of our PANCAKES Amsterdam locations. Want to know which one is closest? Check our website! Would you like to know more about one of our PANCAKES Amsterdam locations? Just click here!



This delicious Swedish pancake is available from July 1st to July 31st. You can order this pancake gluten-free, lactose-free or vegan! Would you like to know more about how PANCAKES accommodates allergies? Check our allergy blog.


Hope to see you soon in one of our locations!

Bron: PANCAKES Amsterdam

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