The pancake of December: the ‘Festive December pancake’

december 01, 2017

The pancake is made of a batter with cacao, and served with ‘speculaas’ a  Dutch biscut what a little bit tastes like ginger biscuits and some orange, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. A real chocolate pancake that tastes like a dream coming true! A delicious pancake for the cold winter days during the Christmas holidays when you are feeling like some warm treatments!

Chocolate drinks with pancakes

Order this month special with a hot chocolate or mochachino and enjoy this delicious chocolate bath! You can try this delicious 'Festive December Pancake' now at all our PANCAKES Amsterdam locations.

PANCAKES Amsterdam Christmas bubles

Oeh, and we have something special this year, we have made some special PANCAKES Amsterdam Christmas bubles, so frost your Christmastree with some PANCAKES Amsterdam flavour! Avalible at our restaurants. 

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