PANCAKES Amsterdam 'Summer menu'

april 18, 2018

Summer is around the corner and PANCAKES Amsterdam already has their summer menu up and running! But what are you missing out on when you visit PANCAKES Amsterdam during the winter. I would love to tell you that!

PANCAKES Amsterdam is founded in 2007, almost 11 years later we have 4 restaurants and over 500 different pancakes creations. Off course not all the 500 creations are on our menu. So we like to chance once in a while.

The most important ingredient on our summer menu are strawberries. We love strawberries, but we are PANCAKES Amsterdam and we would like to serve you only the best from the best. PANCAKES Amsterdam is always searching for the best products from local farmers. This is the reason that we do not have strawberries during the winter. We only serve strawberries when they are red, sweet and juicy.

But what is the difference between our winter and summer menu? This year we had to let go of a few delicious pancakes to make room for other delicious pancakes. There is one fact, and that is that we have a fixed amount of pancakes on our menu. So we always have the same amount of Dutch pancakes and American pancakes. On our menu we have 17 Dutch pancakes and 8 American pancakes. Off course we have serval pancakes how will not leave the menu, like bacon and cheese or the lovely Dutch pancake with salmon, crème fraîche, guacamole and chives or the very popular Dutch pancake with goat cheese and spinach. But unfortunately we have to make room for some seasonal pancakes like the delicious Dutch pancake with strawberries, yogurt and lemon honey.

Goodbye for now!
Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to some Dutch and American pancakes. But most of all we had to say goodbye to the fresh blue berries and the homemade caramel sauce. Would you like to know which pancakes are gone for the season? Check out the photo’s.

Dutch pancake with banana, caramel sauce and sea salt


American pancakes with banana and caramel sauce

American pancakes with fresh blue berries and maple syrup

American pancakes with banana, bacon and homemade chocolate sauce

But thank god all these kinds of pancakes will be back someday. But for now we welcome the fresh delicious juicy strawberries on our menu. Would you like to have some pancakes? Yes check the nearest location on Google maps or through our website. Hope to see you soon in one of our locations! 

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