The pancake of April | Russian Blini

april 03, 2018

PANCAKE OF THE MONTH | Russian Blini with delicious smoked salmon, horseradish cream, crème fraîche and some chives to top it off. Each month we serve a different worldly pancake from one of the many countries the world contains. This month we have chosen Russia, because it’s spring and we thought it was time for some delicious blini’s!

Worldly pancakes
So many countries has their own specialty pancake, we Dutchies has Dutch pancakes, known for their traditional Dutch pancakes with bacon and apple. Just little bit thicker than the crepe and we think they are the best! France are famous for their banquette and French cheeses, but also for their crepes. A thin pancake often served with Nutella! The Americans are known for their American fluffy, thick and stacked pancakes. Austria for their Kaiserschmarren, a sweet caramelized pancake, cut into little pieces and traditionally served with raisins and a plum compote. These are just a view examples from the many more option we have to choose from. Each pancake to delicious for not sharing with our PANCAKE lovers!

Russian Blini
Blini is a little Russian piece offering. The old slaves used blinis as a food offering for their pagan rituals and the considered blinis as a fitting symbol of the round, warm golden sun. women who just recently had given birth were given blini’s, to celebrate the newborn. But blini’s were also served at funerals and weddings. Blinis are served as a symbol to for celebration, and belonged to life, from the cradle to the grave.

The Russians make their blini with wheat flour, but another kind of flour would be oke too. The batter is usually made with milk or water. The process of the batter is like making a normal batter, but the baking the blinis is a specialty and that is not easy. It will take some training.

The Russians usually fill them up with some jam like strawberry, raspberry, cranberry of other kind of red jam. Another possibility is adding something on top. That is also the blini we know and recognize. The blini is a little pancake and the base of so many delicious combinations. The Russian classics is served with caviar.

PANCAKES Amsterdam Russian blini
Pancake of the month April, the Russian Blini with delicious smoked salmon, horseradish cream, crème fraîche and some chives to top it off. Something good to know is that our smoked salmon is delicious and fresh, from Schmidt Zeevis. The best fish market of The Netherlands. This delicious month special is available until 30 April in our PANCAKES Amsterdam locations. Check the opening hours and other information here - PANCAKES Amsterdam website.


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