The pancake of March | Italian Crespelle

maart 01, 2018

PANCAKE OF THE MONTH MARCH! This month we have a very special pancake that is inspired by the beautiful country Italy. It is called Italian crespella. For this pancake we use a different kind of batter which is a bit like the dough you use for making pizza! To make the pancake pizza extra special, it is filled with mozzarella, prosciutto, tomato and rocket salad. Sounds delicious, right??

Crespelle are paper-thin pancakes, the Italian equivalent of French crêpes or Dutch pancakes. It is a pancake that can be prepared as sweet or savoury. The Italians eat this pancake like they  eat pasta: savoury and served with a selection of well-flavoured fillings. As mentioned before, the Italians prefer the savoury version and they roll it like cannelloni or just stack it like a lasagne.

Just a little bit of history. It all started in the beautiful city of Florence. The story goes that Catherina de ‘Medici from Florence invented the crespella. She was an Italian who was known for her good taste in food. In 1533 she married Henry II,  who was at that time the future king of France, for whom she moved to Paris. Once in France, she insisted that her Italian chefs would cook and continue to use her own cooking techniques and serve the ingredients to her guests. This also included crespelle.

Makes: 10 to 14 portions

●      450 grams of hard white flour
●      Sea salt, pepper
●      Half a freshly grated nutmeg
●      4 eggs
●      2 egg yolks
●      7 dl milk
●      2 tablespoons of butter

Sift the flour into a bowl together with a pinch of salt and pepper and the grated nutmeg. Take another bowl and whisk the eggs. Mix the flour mixture and the egg mixture together with the milk and butter to a smooth batter. You are now ready to cook some pancakes!

Then the party starts: the filling! Use whatever filling you like to make a real crespella. Just add any delicious ingredients you would love to eat. What to do next. You can either fold or roll the crespella. ENJOY YOUR CRESPELLE!

This delicous month special is avalible in the month March in our restaurants. Check the up-to-date opening hours on our website.



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