The pancake of February | Kaiserschmarrn

februari 01, 2020


Kaiserschmarrn is a shredded and lightly caramelized pancake. This delicious pancake takes its name from the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I who was very fond of this fluffy shredded pancake. Kaiserschmarrn is made from a sweet batter consisting of flour, eggs, sugar, salt and milk.

Fun fact
A  fun fact about Kaiserschmarnn is that Franz Joseph got lost while hunting and that, fortunately enough, he found shelter with a poor farmer. The farmer did not have much food to offer, but his wife  put together the few ingredients she had in her cupboard. While preparing the meal, the farmer’s wife  made a mess of the pancake. When Emperor Franz Joseph asked what the farmer’s wife had made for him, the farmer’s wife answered that she had made nothing special, just an unsuccessful ‘schmarn’, a tasty pancake. In Austria and Bavaria the word schmarren means mess, rubbish or nonsense. The Emperor liked it so much that he said that it was royally delicious and so he called it Kaisers-schmarn or the Kaiser’s mess. There are many stories about the origins of Kaiserschmarrn, but what is the truth? We can never know for sure, but at least we know it's totally delicious! 

Plums or cherries?
Back in the days, people always ate Kaiserschmarrn with fruit compote, mostly plums. We serve it with a delicious hot cherry sauce, which was the suggestion of two of our employees: Jolanda and Ilhan. Kaiserschmarrn is not a complete main course but nowadays a lot of people eat Kaiserschmarrn for  lunch. It's also a great treat after skiing in Austria, or of course before (or after) exploring the centre of Amsterdam!

Kaiserschmarrn is our special pancake for the month February  so, available until February 29th for €11,50 in all of our locations. We hope to see you soon!

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