Happy Valentine's day

februari 14, 2018

Happy Valentine lovely pancakes fans! A day filled with love. Our love for pancakes and Amsterdam are limitless. This day PANCAKES Amsterdam would love to share a well know poem with you.

This poem will be quit familiar for the Dutch people. The poem is written by Toon Hermans, an amazing person who could do almost everything. He was a comedian, singer and a man how wrote poems. Unfortunately he is not with us anymore. The poem is originally Dutch and is called ‘hartenkreet’ or in English ‘heart cry’.

liefde is...alles begrijpen van elkaar zonder iets te zeggen.
liefde is...alle ruzietjes weer snel bijleggen.
liefde is...naar elkaar luisteren en elkaar vertrouwen,
maar het allerbelangrijkste van liefde is om van elkaar te houden!

In English translated it will sound like:

love is ... understanding everything about each other without saying anything.
love is ... quickly rearranging all quarrels.
love is ... listening to each other and trusting each other,
but the most important thing of love is to love one and other!

For this beautiful day we have a special Valentine menu. American pancakes with warm berries and delicious ice cream. Great to share with you lovedone. And if you love to spice it up a little more, at our newest location, next to Anne Frank house, we will serve it with some delicious pink Champagne!

See you there lovebirds! ❤︎

Valentine's day | PANCAKES Amsterdam

 Valentine special:
American pancakes with some delicous warm berries and some ice cream on top! 
** Pimp your pancake with some pink Champagne (€15,00)**
Only avalible at PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarkt

Avalible at our restaurants:
PANCAKES Amsterdam Negen Straatjes
PANCAKES Amsterdam Centraal
PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarkt

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