Traditional American pancakes

American pancakes

American pancakes are a real classic American breakfast. Originally, they have to be served stacked up, drizzled with syrup and finished off with butter or any other topping. American Pancakes have been extremely popular for many years, making up part of the morning ritual for thousands of people at home and in breakfast restaurants.


At PANCAKES Amsterdam, we have our own American pancake recipe. Simply delicious, sweet and fluffy, just like they’re supposed to be. We have several options to add on to your American pancakes. You can have them sweet, savory or both at the same time. What’s also good to know, is that we have a separate winter and summer menu. This is because we PANCAKES Amsterdam is always searching for highest quality products, which brings us to seasonality. We love to work with products from each specific season, such as strawberries from our local farmers. 

At PANCAKES Amsterdam, we have all kind of American pancakes. Currently we have our summer menu, including those delicious Dutch, fresh and sweet strawberries!
Would you like to find our with pancakes are on our menu at the moment? Check our menu.
So, when you are visiting Amsterdam, you have to try some delicious American style pancake breakfast from the best pancake house in Amsterdam – PANCAKES Amsterdam. We have American fluffy pancakes that are made with lots of love and by the secret recipe of PANCAKES Amsterdam.

Just another small detail, unfortunately we do not serve gluten free, lactose free or vegan American pancakes. We do have gluten and lactose free options for our traditional Dutch pancakes, just not for the American pancakes. Pancakes for breakfast, pancakes for lunch and pancakes for dinner… We could eat pancakes all day every day! PANCAKES Amsterdam simply serves the best pancakes in Amsterdam. We’re looking forward to serving you!

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