Let us introduce you to Ingrid (left) and Nicolette (right), two adventurous ladies with one mission:

“We want to make it possible for everybody to enjoy the best Pancakes from all over the world!”

Everyone loves Pancakes and every country has its own characteristic Pancake. For example, Dutch Pancakes are totally different from French crepes or American Pancakes. It is a national dish that we should be proud of!

Instead of following the old-fashioned way of serving traditional pancakes, these women took a fresh new approach to the product and put the Dutch pancake experience on a pedestal.

Whenever possible, we use locally sourced, organic and fairtraide ingredients. We believe that 'back to basics' is the key to our wonderful product; simply by using the best ingredients and preparing everything with love. Just come and taste it yourself at one of our Amsterdam locations or ask for our PANCAKES flour & recipe to throw your loved ones a Pancake party at home!

"We like to work with local artists from Amsterdam. They designed our interior and sprayprinted the logo. We like to call our style 'Modern Dutch design'. Since PANCAKES Amsterdam is such a household name in our capital, we wanted to implement the real Amsterdam feeling throughout the entire concept.

At PANCAKES Amsterdam, all Dutch pancakes are made with the special PANCAKES flour mix, eggs, milk and of course our ‘secret ingredient’. Moreover, gluten-free and lactose-free Dutch pancakes are available at all our locations and we are very proud to announce VEGAN Dutch Pancakes as well now! Preparation may for these items may take a little longer, which gives you the opportunity to spend extra quality time with your friends and family.