Our History

THE Founders

Let us introduce you to Ingrid (left) and Nicolette (right), two adventurous ladies with one mission: “We want to make it possible for everybody to enjoy the best Pancakes from all over the world!”

Everyone loves pancakes and every country has its characteristic pancake. For example, Dutch pancakes are different from French crêpes or American pancakes. It’s a national dish that we should be proud of! Instead of following the old-fashioned way of serving traditional pancakes, these women took a fresh new approach to the product and put the Dutch pancake experience on a pedestal.

Whenever possible, we use locally sourced, organic, and fair-trade ingredients. We believe that ‘back to basics’ is the key to our wonderful product; simply by using the best ingredients and preparing everything with lots of love. Just come and taste it yourself at one of our locations or ask for our PANCAKES flour & recipe to throw your loved ones a pancake party at home! 


PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History
PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History


We’ve started working with local artists from Amsterdam to design our restaurants and logo.  

The modern interior has been designed by Dutch designer Chris Slutter. He has used old farms as a starting point for the design of our restaurants. At an old farm, the kitchen is always the center of the building. That’s why we have an open bar and open kitchens. It is an invitation: come and eat in our kitchen, join us. The wooden slats, tiles, Delft blue and red and yellow colors are also often found in old farms.  

The Delft Blue accents are created by spray print artist Hugo Kaagman. He is a big name worldwide and has collaborated with Banksy, among others. Also you can find his work at Schiphol Airport and multiple museums. Our logo is designed and spray printed by him, next to all the spray art in all of our restaurants.    


PANCAKES Amsterdam was founded in 2007 on the 30th of April. The location in the Berenstraat 38 was the first PANCAKES Amsterdam ever. This location is perfect for a break from shopping in the famous ‘Negen Straatjes’. Just behind the Dam and within the canal district. 

PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History
PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History

2008 | PANCAKES Amsterdam
Flour Mix

After years of research, we found our ideal PANCAKES flour mix.
The mix is made especially for us, by Windmill “De Windotter” at IJsselstein. Together we created this pancake mix. This windmill has been a flour mill since 1732. After buying the mill in 1984, the municipality renovated it completely for 1.120.000 Gulden. The renovation of the mill was completed in 1988 and Maarten Dolman started as the miller.

In 1988, the mill produced around 84.000 kilos of flour. Nowadays, they produce more than 250.000 kilos per year and Maarten Dolman is still in charge! If would you like to know more about ‘De Windotter’, view our blog. Our special pancake flour mix is also for sale in our restaurants, check our merchandise here!


In 2014 PANCAKES Amsterdam became an accredited work placement company. This way we contribute to the future of craftsmanship and set an example for the industry. We train students and recognize the value of good guidance. In this way we create opportunities and show what a great profession the hospitality industry is.  


PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History
PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History


PANCAKES Amsterdam Centraal was founded in November 2015. After searching for the perfect location for over 5 years, we finally found a spot we liked. 

As the name already indicates, PANCAKES Amsterdam Centraal is across from Central Station. This location is also called ‘the gateway to the Red Light District’. In addition to the beautiful view, this location is also perfect for part of the audience that walks around here: because after a joint, pancakes are of course a very good idea 😉.  

With a terrace bigger than our location in the Nine Streets and situated in the heart of the old city center, this location was the perfect fit to expand the company. Even though the building required a huge renovation, we are extremely happy to add this one to our PANCAKES family. 

This location is right on the edge of the Red Light District and only a five-minute walk from Dam Square.


This is Dennis! Our day one employee who has been with us since 2005. Dennis started as a waiter and always loved making coffee and he became one of our best baristas. He is now working for us for 10 years!

PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History
PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History


PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarkt was founded in December of 2016. Situated between the famous Anne Frank House and Westerkerk; this location is the perfect place to sit down and relax for a little while and enjoy our warm and welcoming atmosphere. We serve poffertjes at this location! And the best thing is: you can see them being live baked here in the traditional way! 

This building was built in 1900 and was previously a stonemasonry of the W.A. company, a horse butcher’s shop, a gymnasium for primary schools, and it was once the first cocktail bar in Amsterdam: Rum Runners. The bar was famous for its cocktails and parrots. Therefore, you can also find parrots in this PANCAKES Amsterdam location!  

The courtyard also has another special story. None other than Rembrandt was buried here! He died without money, and without money you were not buried in the church. Everything was later dug up and he has been buried in the Westerkerk ever since! 

2017 | PANCAKES Academy

Next to opening another location, we’ve started working together with ‘Gemeente Amsterdam’ (municipality of Amsterdam). This collaboration was set up with the aim of getting refugees in Amsterdam to work. The Pancakes Academy was born: this is a program, created together with the ROC and the municipality of Amsterdam (for status holders, entrants and long-term unemployed) to nourish our social heart and contribute to this beautiful city. 

PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History
PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History


Every year during Christmas time, PANCAKES Amsterdam organizes an ‘elderly Christmas dinner’. The event is catered to the elderly in Amsterdam who could use some company around the holidays. 

In 2017 the mayor of Amsterdam, Eberhart van der Laan, passed away. Before his death, he left the people of Amsterdam with this message “be kind to the city and to each other”. That made us stop and think. At PANCAKES Amsterdam we get so much from the city of Amsterdam. That’s why we wanted to give back to the wonderful people in this city, starting with a dinner for the lonely elderly in our city. 


After some research, we found out that the toilet facilities around the Westermarkt are not that great. This resulted that a lot of passengers, not PANCAKES Amsterdam guests were going to use our toilets and that our guests had to stand and wait in line. We’ve decided to draw one line and make all toilet visits paid and were looking for a way to donate our profits to charity.  

We got in touch with UNICEF and together we build up the Business Buddies program. This program makes it possible for companies to make a positive difference and express a company’s social commitment. The projects are always Unicef’s projects are always aimed at improving children’s lives. 

PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History
PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History


On the first day of 2018 we said goodbye to Ingrid (left), one of the two founders of PANCAKES Amsterdam. Nicolette now continues the company!



We are on a roll! PANCAKES Amsterdam Aan ’t IJ opened in May 2018.  

This location has the most beautiful view of Amsterdam. You will find this unique location at the back of Central Station, next to the ferry to Amsterdam North. The iconic Pier 10 restaurant used to be located here, a restaurant without electricity. The building was originally built as a management house for a shipping company: the management wanted to be able to look out over the entire IJ, hence the round conservatory. 

PANCAKES Amsterdam Aan ‘t IJ has around 40-45 seats It’s small and cozy on the inside but features a big and sunny terrace. Visitors enjoy a breathtaking view over IJ, the famous Adam Tower, and the EYE museum.  

Check the location info here!

PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History
PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History

2018 MARCH |

We became a proud partner of the Red Light Jazz Festival in Amsterdam! This music festival is for young & old, Amsterdam residents and non-Amsterdam residents. Every year around june, 3 full days there will be something to see and hear in and around the Red Light District from morning to night.  

The Red Light used to be an area with a lot of jazz bars and musicians.  
PANCAKES Amsterdam loves to contribute to local initiatives like this beautiful festival and the musicians every year since 2018. 


We went crazy! And opened a restaurant outside the city center of Amsterdam. PANCAKES Amsterdam Zuidas opened in November 2019. 

PANCAKES Amsterdam Zuidas has about 80 seats spread over multiple floors. It is situated in the heart of the financial district of Amsterdam and is easy to reach by train, bus, and metro as it is a short walk away from Amsterdam Zuid station. Totally different from our other restaurants, this location is for example this location is gas-free, so our pancakes are baked here on induction. Also, we have a special kind of pancake on the menu here: the paco. This is a tasty taco shaped pancake you can order with various delicious toppings.  

PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History
PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History

2019 MARCH | DONATING ‘La Grande Dame’: Theater Carré

Royal Theater Carré is the most iconic theater in the Netherlands. Renowned for its exclusive programming of top-tier national and international productions, it offers a unique experience across all genres, from circus and cabaret to pop concerts and opera for over 135 years. 

‘Koninklijk Theater Carré’ is a city icon, offering diverse programming that caters to everyone. We believe in the power of inclusivity and strive to provide something for everyone. Our motto, “Do good, meet good,” reflects our commitment to supporting local icons.  

2019 | gluten-free flour

After using our flour mix for many years, in 2019 we’ve finally created the perfect gluten-free pancakes mix! This gluten free mix is made by our own recipe and produced in a specialized factory in gluten-free foods.   

PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History
PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History

2019 | grachtenfestival

The Grachtenfestival is the largest classical music festival in the Netherlands and focuses entirely on the presentation and development of young talent and young professionals in classical music and jazz, aged up to 35We’ve hosted a stage for a number of years, with a major concert taking place at our Westermarkt location. We wanted to do something for the neighborhood and invited all the neighbors to a free concert! 


Yes! We were the first to serve VEGAN Dutch pancakes in the Netherlands! After a long time of testing, we’ve created the perfect vegan pancake – and it tastes just as good as our regular pancake. If you’re visiting us, please ask for the green menu so you can check which pancakes can be made vegan!

PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History
PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History


Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, is the feast day before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. Traditionally, it marked a time for Anglo-Saxon Christians to confess and be absolved of their sins, a process called “shriving.” The “Pancake Bell” was rung to call people to confession and is still rung today. 

In the UK, pancake races are a key part of Shrove Tuesday celebrations. Participants, often in fancy dress, race while tossing pancakes in frying pans, aiming to reach the finish line first. 

Of course, we couldn’t resist doing a crazy pancake run to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. Check out the footage here. 

2020 | COVID

In March 2020, all restaurants in the Netherlands had to close by order of the government. After  a few months, we were finally able to open our doors again in June 2020 . But shortly after, in October 2020 we had to close our restaurants again. 

Let’s hope the COVID-19 cases will decrease quickly and we can open our doors in spring 2021 again..  

PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History
PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History

Egmond aan zee

In April 2021 in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, PANCAKES Egmond aan Zee was founded. But we had to wait until we officially were allowed to open the doors due to the corona-rules by the government. This location is the first one outside Amsterdam, right on the boulevard with a beautiful view of the North Sea. This is one of the most popular destinations for holidays and days at the beach in the Netherlands


Lockdown meant helping others and finding a good destination for our food… We were baking for community centers & homeless!  

PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History
PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History


In 2021, we received the Social Return Company certification. This means we are recognized as a socially responsible business, providing employment opportunities and making a genuine contribution to society. The municipality of Amsterdam encourages doing business with Social Return Companies. We are proud to have achieved this status.


Thank god, better times are coming again. But unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to our PANCAKES Egmond location. The distance of over 100km and the attention our other locations asked of us were the main reasons we decided to close this pearl.

We are focused on coming back and we will be stronger than ever!

PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History
PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History


We’ve partnered up with the ‘Prinsengracht Festival’. This is the largest classical open-air concert in the Netherlands. It is accessible to a wide audience and provides a platform for many young talent. The kids concert is taking place every year before the ‘regular’ concert. We’ve invited kids before the concert to have free pancakes at our location at the Prinsengracht! Together with the kids ambassador Klaasje Meijer, known from K3! 

2023 | FRom bus to bike

With five locations in the center of Amsterdam, supplying our restaurants is becoming an increasing challenge. That’s why we have been searching for a more sustainable way of transportation within the city. We have now found a great alternative to our old PANCAKES Amsterdam bus and are partnering with TringTring! They transport around the city sustainably by bike!  

PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History
PANCAKES Amsterdam Our History

2024 | Our gluten-free flour in the IAmsterdam Store

Yaaay! Our gluten-free flour is made according to our own recipe and was already available in our restaurants, but it is now also available at the I amsterdam Store in Central Station! It’s the perfect souvenir to take home after your city trip or visit to Amsterdam. 

Currently, only the gluten-free variant is available, but in the future, our ‘regular’ flour will also be available in the store! Both variants are, of course, available in our restaurants! 

PANCAKES Amsterdam

PANCAKES Amsterdam is situated at the best locations in Amsterdam and is the place to enjoy traditional Dutch pancakes with a little twist. We provide our visitors with a unique, fun, and unconventional pancake experience. So come and try out our pancakes so you can check off your food bucket list of traditional Dutch food!