PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarkt

Just before Christmas 2016, we opened PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarkt. This is our biggest location, situated between the Anne Frank House and the Westerkerk. This location has a beautiful courtyard so that people can relax inside and outside.


Prinsengracht 277, next to Anne Frank House and the Westerkerk, you will find the perfect place to relax for a little while. Enjoy the beautiful open space and welcoming atmosphere of PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarkt.

This location is situated in the area ‘The Jordaan’. The Jordaan was a typical working-class neighborhood, where craftsmen and small businesses were also established. The neighborhood was built in the first half of the 17th century. Nowadays, it is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Amsterdam.

The Jordaan got quite famous because it was the home of Rembrandt. He was a major Dutch painter, who is known for the famous and largest painting in ‘het Rijksmuseum’ called ‘De Nachtwacht’. He got buried in the backyard of the Westerkerk. The Jordaan is also very popular because The Anne Frank Museum is one of the most visited museums in Amsterdam.


This beautiful building was built in 1900. It has been stonemasonry from the W.A.Brenning company, a gym for primary schools, and the first cocktail bar in Amsterdam. The bar was called Rum Runners, famous for its cocktails and parrots. Therefore, you can also find parrots in this PANCAKES Amsterdam location!

This location is the largest PANCAKES Amsterdam location so far. It has over 150 seats inside and over 100 seats outside. Our designers did an incredible job again, designing this location with different levels and open spaces. In this location, guests will feel a welcoming and a warm atmosphere.

At PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarkt, we sell our famous poffertjes. Poffertjes are a typical Dutch delicacy, which you should try before leaving The Netherlands. This location is also perfect for bigger groups or special reservations. Just check our reservations department for more information.

Since we have a lot of customers from the Westerkerk and the Anne Frank House, we ask for a 0,50 cents donation for toilet use, which will go to UNICEF. Every day, more than 800 children under the age of 5 die from causes associated with polluted water, the lack of toilets, and poor hygienic conditions. UNICEF is trying to make a difference. At PANCAKES Amsterdam, we try to help UNICEF.  Our guests enjoy a clean toilet. In return, we hope you will pay the toilet fee, which will go to UNICEF.

Check the UNICEF website to find out more about the good work they are doing! 

A few things worth noting are that we serve alcohol at this location, to anyone above the age of 18 years old. We also love little pancake lovers, so we have high-chairs and colorfuled plastic cutlery! PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarkt has a wheelchair-friendly environment and has an accessible toilet. Would you like to double-check our facilities, please give us a call or send us an e-mail. Everybody is more than welcome!

PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarkt:
Phone number: 020-820 04 04
E-mail address:


At PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarkt you will find the same menu as in our other locations. Just to remind you, this means a menu filled with delicious Dutch and American pancakes. Time to eat your heart out! PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarkt also serves POFFERTJES! So, if you would like to try this Dutch delicacy, visit this location!

PANCAKES Amsterdam has healthy pancakes, made with lots of love and a pancake batter designed by PANCAKES Amsterdam. The Dutch pancakes are made from buckwheat flour and it is possible to order a Dutch pancake gluten free, lactose-free or even vegan style. No problem, just let the staff know you have this special request! We also have fluffy pancakes, American style! It’s no secret anymore, we simply serve the best pancakes in Amsterdam.

Opening Hours
Check the PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarktl opening hours here!

Cards only
Did you know we are a ‘cards only’ restaurant? For safety reasons, we do not accept cash payments in our restaurants. The good news is, that we do accept all kinds debit and credit cards. Of course, our system also processes contactless payments. At this location, it is also possible to pay your bill with WeChat.

So, when visiting Anne Frank museum, please don’t forget to hop in for some typical Dutch treat poffertjes. PANCAKES Amsterdam is a must see when visiting Amsterdam. So check of your food bucket list and stop by to try some Dutch pancakes and poffertjes at PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarkt. 

PANCAKES Amsterdam
Prinsengracht 277
1016 GW Amsterdam
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This location accepts group reservations. At all our PANCAKES Amsterdam locations it is not necessary to make a reservation, you can just stop by and hop in for the best pancakes for breakfast, brunch, lunch or early dinner. But if you would like to make a reservation it is possible to send an email to, but we only accept reservations from 12 persons. Would you like to read more information about our reservations? Check our reservations page!