November 2019 was a busy month for PANCAKES Amsterdam, as we not only opened a new location on the Zuidas, but also one on Spui! The newest location is right in the middle of the most famous shopping street in Amsterdam. Read all about PANCAKES Amsterdam Spui here.



The newest member of the PANCAKES Amsterdam family is located on Spui, a famous street in the centre of Amsterdam that runs from Rokin to Singel, and cuts through the Kalverstraat in the middle. As such, it’s always busy, since it runs right through the busiest shopping street in Amsterdam! 

PANCAKES Amsterdam Spui is easily reached by tram and metro, there are tram stops on either end of the street and just last year, the Rokin metro station was opened, just a few metres away! 

The Spui as we know it hasn’t existed for all of history. Up until the late 19th century, it wasn’t a street, it was a canal! It functioned as a floodgate, taking the water from inside city out to sea, while simultaneously keeping out the salt water. It was drained in 1882 to form the street we know today. The Lutheran Church on the corner of the Spui and Singel has been there for much longer; it was built in 1630. The ‘Maagdenhuis’ (Maiden House) was built between 1783 and 1787, and for 170 years it functioned as an orphanage for girls. Nowadays it’s home to the board of the University of Amsterdam. The Spui is a place with a rich history.

PANCAKES Amsterdam Spui is the perfect place for lunch during a day of shopping. Have a coffee and one of our delicious pancakes as you regain your strengths to see the rest of the shops!



PANCAKES Amsterdam Spui

Phone number: +31 20 8208718

E-mail address: info@pancakesamsterdam.com


At PANCAKES Amsterdam Spui, you will find the same menu as in our other locations. Just to remind you, this means a menu filled with delicious Dutch and American pancakes. Time to eat your heart out! Unfortunately, we don’t have any “poffertjes” here. Can’t wait to try the poffertjes? You definitely have to visit PANCAKES Amsterdam Westermarkt if you would like to try this Dutch delicacy!

PANCAKES Amsterdam has healthy pancakes, made with lots of love and a pancake batter designed by PANCAKES Amsterdam. The Dutch pancakes are made from buckwheat flour and it is possible to order a Dutch pancake gluten free, lactose free or even vegan. Just let the staff know about any dietary needs and they’ll be happy to advise you!

Opening hours

PANCAKES Amsterdam Spui is temporarily closed.

Cards only
Did you know we are a ‘cards only’ restaurant? For safety reasons, we do not accept cash payments in our restaurants. The good news is, that we do accept all kinds debit and credit cards. Of course, our system also processes contactless payments.

Stop by PANCAKES Amsterdam Spui for lunch while shopping, or start your day here with a delicious, filling breakfast.  PANCAKES Amsterdam is the best pancake house in Amsterdam. Hope to see you soon!


PANCAKES Amsterdam Spui
Spui 8
1012 WZ Amsterdam

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