Lactose free pancakes

PANCAKES Amsterdam is very proud to tell you, that we serve lactose free pancakes! Next to that, PANCAKES Amsterdam offers gluten free Dutch pancakes as well. We have an amazing variety of allergy free Dutch pancakes, which taste amazing and the PANCAKES Amsterdam quality is still guaranteed. At PANCAKES Amsterdam, we want everybody to be able to enjoy delicious pancakes, nothing to worry about!

Lactose free
Lactose intolerance is the inability to digest lactose. This is a sugar that can be found in milk and other dairy products. A lactose free diet means, that people eat foods that do not contain lactose. Lactose intolerance is caused by a lack of the enzyme called lactase. Our lactose free pancakes are made with soy milk, instead of regular milk. Soy milk has a very rich taste and is a little bit sweet as well. So, our lactose free guests can also enjoy our delicious pancakes.

When you order a lactose free Dutch pancake, please make sure you tell our staff that your pancake must be lactose free. The preparation of lactose free pancakes will take a little bit longer, but this gives you more time to socialize with your friends and family. When your delicious lactose free pancakes arrives at the table, make sure there is a chip on your plate, just like in the picture below. This chip is a clear sign and an easy way to recognize your special gluten free, lactose free or even vegan pancake. We can assure you, that our chefs will do their absolute best to prepare a completely lactose free pancake. However, PANCAKES Amsterdam cannot guarantee that our products are totally free from any other allergens. This is due to the fact that we are a pancake house and we work with products that contain gluten for example. If you have any questions, please ask our staff.


Special pancake editions
We serve several gluten free, lactose free and vegan Dutch pancakes. Which pancakes are available exactly at the different locations, you can just ask our staff. Of course, you can also take a look at our menu, which is available online. Did you know, we also also sell our homemade pancake mix and gluten free pancake mix in our restaurants? Our own gluten free pancake mix contains several ingredients, which are: corn starch, teff flour and buckwheat flour. The pancake mixes are made especially for and by PANCAKES Amsterdam. If you add soy milk, instead of regular milk, your pancake will be lactose free! Would you like to know more about our pancakes or about the special options? Just click the link here for more information. 

PANCAKES Amsterdam is very happy to offer gluten free and lactose free pancakes in all of our restaurants. So, why don't you come over to visit us? Try it out yourself! If you still have any questions left that haven’t been answered yet, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help you out. You can send us an e-mail or contact us through Instagram or Facebook.

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