About PANCAKES Amsterdam

PANCAKES Amsterdam puts a new spin on traditional pancake houses. They stand out from the crowd with their original recipes. PANCAKES Amsterdam serves high-quality pancakes; prepared with fresh, nutritious, locally sourced ingredients. We offer more than a dozen Dutch and American pancakes on our menu. PANCAKES Amsterdam was founded in 2007 in the Berenstraat. Over the past decade, we have expanded to five locations.

PANCAKES Amsterdam is always searching for the best quality ingredients, free of harmful additives and preservatives. Whenever possible, we use ‘free range’ products and ‘fair trade’ ingredients, produced by local farmers. We simply don’t want to settle for less! PANCAKES Amsterdam is the place to enjoy traditional Dutch pancakes with a little twist, but we also serve delicious traditional American pancakes. Dutch or American, all of them are handmade and surprising; they provide a unique, fun, and unconventional pancake experience. Some of our locations are also serving poffertjes! This is the must-try typical Dutch treat that you do not want to miss out on. 

PANCAKES Amsterdam is also proud to serve every customer, no matter what the request is. Therefore, we also offer gluten- and lactose-free and VEGAN pancakes! To provide our visitors with the best quality and great taste, preparation for these items may take a little longer. Unfortunately, PANCAKES Amsterdam cannot guarantee the absence of cross-contamination, but we will try our best!

Come and try one of our crazy delicious pancakes at one of our locations!