Where the world is flat

PANCAKES Amsterdam

Where the world is flat

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PANCAKES Amsterdam brings a modern and new twist to traditional pancake houses. Our pancakes are made with fresh and high quality ingredients. Where possible, we try to use fair trade and free range products produced by local farmers. We have over a dozen Dutch and American pancakes and poffertjes on our menu. The best pancakes are served in our 6 PANCAKES Amsterdam locations, all situated in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.
Enjoy your pancakes for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

PANCAKES Amsterdam:

          … has the best pancakes of Amsterdam
          … uses fresh and high quality ingredients from local farmers
          … has gluten free and lactose free options
          … locations are all situated in Amsterdam
          … is a cards only restaurant
          … serves only PANCAKES!
          … is the first with VEGAN Dutch pancakes on their menu!
          ... has over 20 nationalities working in our restaurant - #pancakefamily

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Facebook: @pancakesamsterdam


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